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    Redirecting our focus

    If you have been a customer for awhile, you may notice a website change! Please bear with us while we are in the middle of a website overhaul! We have re-evaluated our goals & decided to focus on our handmade products. You should be able to login as before if you had an account with us, but you may not see your past order history.

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    Why buy handcrafted body products?

    Most store-bought body creams & lotions contain less than desirable ingredients. Commercial soaps are often filled with very harsh detergents & chemicals which are irritating & drying to the skin. We instead use butters & oils such as raw, unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, sweet almond oil & cocoa butter.

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    Are our products all-natural?

    Free from harsh chemicals, our body creams contain no SLS, no detergents & no parabens. Many people ask if our body creams are 100% natural. Whenever possible, we do use natural ingredients, such as unrefined shea butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil & cocoa butter, but we also use necessary preservatives, emulsifying wax & fragrance oils in some products.

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    Previous happy customers!

    "I LOVE ordering from Lure Beauty! They have the best products, for the best value anywhere. I always get my orders really quickly and they always send cool samples of things they think I'll like. I tell everyone about the emu oil, and exotic body butters. The exotic body butters are the most amazing and moisturizing butters I've ever found. I look forward to trying out the mineral makeup next. Thank you so much Lure Beauty!!!" - Maysie

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